Payload 1 Kg to 25 Kg

MZ07 Robot Features ​

  • High Speed Robot 

  • Highest speed specification in its class   

  • Clean cabling by hollow wrist 

  • Easy cable routing through hollow wrist for hand

  • Possible to enter narrow area by avoiding collision with peripheral equipment

  • Various Mount Possibilities with Compact Installation 

  • Floor,Ceiling ,Wall and Tilted Installation

  • Option of Cable entry from Bottom 

  • Dust Proof and Drip Proof Construction for machine loading 

  • IP 67 equivalent as standard and IP 67 enhanced unit(air purge unit) as option 

  • Option of up to 3 Built in Solenoid Valves  

  • Enhanced Application Support 

  • Support various requirements of production lines with Vision Sensor, Additional axis and Force Sensor Specifications          

  • 5 or 6 Axis Specification 

CFD Controller Features 

  • Compact & High Performance Controller 

  • Compact Cabinet - 367 mm width 

  • Control Peripheral equipment using built in Software PLC

  • Support Vision Sensor,Force Sensor and Servo tool 

  • Support Smart Teach Pendant and Compact Teach Pendant 

  • Offline Simulation tool "FD on Desk light" as standard