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Service & Support

Sterling Robotics provides a range of services to allow you to maximise your experiences with our robots. Get in touch with us for more information on these services.


robot spares

We provide all the Spares required for the NACHI Robot. Contact us to get the recommended spare parts.


annual maintenance 

We provide Robot servicing, such as annual maintenance service required for the robot and controller to maximize the operation of the machine to ensure long and consistent operation. Service includes 
-inspection as per NACHI’s recommendation, 
- Refilling and greasing up of all bearing and reduction gears, 
- Battery replacement. 
Contact us to get more details on how we can service your robots.

Demo Robot_edited.jpg


Training your staff on robots will ensure the robots are running with minimal downtime. We can provide training on how to program and use a NACHI robot. See attached for details. 
Click here to book robot training.


fdondesk-offline simulation

Robot Simulation. The FDonDesk simulation will help you to understand how the robot will operate before robot installation. It will help to understand the cycle time achievable with the project and also the layout and robot reachability. Contact us for a simulation for your robotic project.  

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