FD on Desk is Nachi's proprietary robot simulation software tool that runs on laptop or desktop computers. FD on Desk simulates all critical components of the Nachi FD Robot Control Platform and also provides a 3D environment (Robview) for creating accurate and realistic-looking cells. FD on Desk has a wide variety of uses including Program creation, application setup, personnel training, problem diagnosis, and engine purposes (reach and Cycle time Verification). Files created in FD on Desk can be easily imported to a robot controller for use, making FD on Desk a very useful offline programming tool.


Works with Multiple Operating Systems

  • Operates on Windows NT ®, WindowsXP ® , & Windows 7®


Provides Operational Training Before Introducing the Robot

  • Teaching is performed offline using only a PC 

  • Operational training manuals are included with FD On Desk

  • Up to Six Robots can be operated with One System 

  • One FD on the Desk corresponds with one robot controller           

  • For Multi-unit control simulations, up to six robots per controller can be operated


Conduct Accurate Cycle Time Analyses and Reach Studies

  • FD On Desk uses the same motion processing software as the FD Controller providing accurate cycle time analysis

  • Accurate reach studies can be conducted to verify application feasibility

  • Points "Tags" can be used to quickly evaluate robot reach


Offline Teaching Provides More than Operation Programming

  • FD On Desk provides offline programming of Software PLC, welding condition, interface panel design, signal setup

Create or Import 3D Objects in Robview 

  • 3D objects can be imported in  IGES, STL(Stereo Lithography), VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) and  DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) formats

  • 3D "part" objects can be created from scratch using the Robview portion of FD On Desk

  • Multiple parts can be "glued" together to form larger assembly part files