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Fast Processing Capacity
  • High Speed CPU brings huge improvement to cycle time, tracking operations and internal processing time performance

​Compact & Lightweight Teach Pendant
  • Compact and lightweight with re-tooled keys and improved ergonomics           

  • Standard touch screen with HMI display makes operations simple and intuitive


Improved maintainability
  • Minimized controller components to maximize maintainability

  • Quick Parts replacement


Outstanding functionality
  •  Excellent software functions carried over from AX Controller

  •  Easily adapts to various applications


Full Line-up of safety functions
  •  Support for PL (Performance Level) is standard. Compliant with American and European safety standards 



  • The smallest controller in class (369mm W x 490mm D x 173mm H) can be placed inside the robot riser to conserve valuable space.

  • Controls entire work cell and peripheral equipment using built-in standard Software PLC

  • Supports Nachi NV-Pro vision sensor, force feedback sensors, and servo-driven gripper mechanisms

  • Offline programming support through Nachi “FD On Desk Light” capable of program creation, cycle time analysis, PLC editing, program verification, and more

  • Supports both high-performance full-color touch screen teach pendant and compact teach pendant

  • Reduced power consumption lowers power bills.

  • Stores up to 9,999 programs and 2,560,000 program steps

  • Backs up directly to a USB drive to prevent loss of programming data.

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