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Payload 35Kg to 70Kg



Nachi's MC Robot Series incorporates high speed, generous allowable wrist torque, high payload capacity, and linkless design to provide a new standard of functional performance. The MC series robots achieve superior performance with improved high-speed motion and excellent positional accuracy. The compact arm reduces interference with peripheral equipment 

MC 35,MC50 & MC70 Features

  • The body is IP54 rated and the wrist is IP67 rated, both the wrist and body can be upgraded to IP65 or IP67 upon request. 

  • Adaptable to Various production environments 

  • Standard IP54 rating for the body(optional IP65/IP67) and standard IP67 for the arm/wrist


  •  Large Working Envelope and Powerful Robot Arm

  • Maximum reach of 2050 mm(best in class)

  •  Strong Wrist torque can handle various applications 

  • Compact Design

  • The small footprint and compact arm enable easy installation

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