Payload from 130 Kg to 210 Kg

Nachi LP Series are 4 Axes Palletising Robot available in 130Kg & 180Kg Payload capacities.A 2600mm vertical stroke and maximum reach of 3210mm easily allows a single LP robot to load upto 6 pallets in a layout with +180° operation of J1 Axis.

Advanced yet easy to use Palletising software intuitively guides the user through teaching new Palletising routines.Path optimization software feature aid the programmer in minimizing cycle time and increase throughput.Automatic program path generation minimizes setup and teaching time by automatically creating a robot motion path from cell layout input data.After teaching,the Nachi "Part height adjustment" software function automatically compensates for real world conditions and elimnates the need for constant program "touchup"

High Speed Palletising

  • 1500 packages per hour for 130Kg loads(LP130)

  • 1800 packages per hour for 60kg loads (LP130)

  • Flexible System Setup is available with 130Kg or 180Kg capacity models

Handle a variety of Loads

  • Easily lift different shapes and sizes

Compact Layout

  • Compact design reduces interference within a large operating range so work are layouts can be flexible and compact