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Payload from 100 Kg to 250 Kg

Extensive Product Lineup

  • SRA series comes in various payloads from 100 Kg to 250 Kg

  • Standard floor mount models, invert mount model, long reach models over 3 meters

World Class Robot Speed

  • Robot motion makes minimum cycle times unbeatable. 

  • Lightweight and high rigidity design make high acceleration and minimum vibration. 

  • Maximum speed on all axes reduces cycle time. Improved productivity by these designs.

Easy to use

  • Improved motor drive controls for accurate positioning and repeatability

  • Slim and compact design allows closer installation in less floor space.

Energy Saving

  •   Power consumption reduced 15% from previous model

  •   Energy saving is possible by reducing the robot’s weight by 20% and using the newest motor drive controls.

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